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Why Big Data Is Not Enough

Just as individuals can suffer from a confirmation bias (a reflexive seeking of only information that supports an existing position), so too can entire organisations.  Organisation thinking can become bias. Looking from a different perspective allows new questions to be raised and opens the door for fundamental shifts in insights, and ultimately in strategy.  

Most organisations have pinned their hopes on BIG data to help drive strategic direction and improve decision making.  Using data from the millions of customer touch points within the organisation – quantitatively analysed by analysts, researchers and IT gurus.  Big data is hugely valuable in telling us WHAT the customer is doing, however it doesn’t tell us WHY and therefore data alone is only part of the story. 

We are merchants of Uncommon Sense. 

We propel our work with big questions rather than predetermined answers. Uncommon Sense is the collection of intangible drivers that shape our very tangibles-dominant world. It is a collection of insights, frameworks, tools and techniques derived from the social sciences, fashioned for commercial relevance and designed to compliment the current business bias towards the hard and tangible sciences. We believe in THICK data. 

Thick data is obtained through observing human behaviour,  developing cultural insights, using an anthropological and ethnographic perspective.  THICK data allows us to understand WHY a customer is behaving a certain way.  The WHY is the key to new insight.

We align the technicalities and the humanities to bring you exceptional value from a more balanced understanding of the human experience, the context you, your customers and teams operate in to provide uncommon results.  

We turn information into intelligence and data into insight. 

For more information, book the Keynote Presentation: Big Data, Thin Data and the Little Black Dress

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