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What We Do


We provide executives with superior answers to persistent questions through our use of Uncommon Sense. This enables our clients to unlock their biggest opportunities and overcome their toughest challenges.


We provide executives and business owners the skills of our multi-faceted team of experienced managers who use our Uncommon Sense approach to manage entire businesses or certain critical outcomes of a business.

Strategic Facilitation

For solutions that require consensus, we are skilled at structured enquiry that solicits the wisdom, buy in and contribution of the entire group. We catalyse teams to access their innate potential and assist teams towards growth.


We provide executives with the power of leveraging story as a commercial tool. We have storytellers like keynote speakers who have instructive insights, well known personalities that maintain a deep relationship with their large audiences and makers of film and television who have completed their stories; we have the correct story vehicle for you.

Technology Advisory

To some extent, digitisation is an imperative for every company. We help manage the process by acting as architects for technology purchases and builds. We compile comprehensive paper prototypes to enable everyone to see the likely effects of the digital changes and for everyone to have input into the people, process and functional implications of digitisation.

Data and AI

We blend our unique approach to data with the advancements in machine learning, natural language processing and related fields. Our aim is to produce solutions that blend computational ability with the usefully predictable irrationality of human beings. We aim for ambidextrous solutions rather than a situation where one approach is pitted against the other.

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