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A Different Approach To Growth

In business, common is the enemy. Common means commodity, commodity means lots of cheap supply, lower demand and no pricing power.

No pricing power means dwindling profits. Dwindling profits means dwindling sustainability.

This is the economic discipline’s way of telling you that your unique value, is losing its power or is not yet perceived by the people that need it. This might be in the formulation of the product or service, it’s delivery, it’s communication or who it’s communicated to.

We understand that even things that make sense are not that helpful if they make the same sense as everything else.

Value is to be obtained from difference. 

We use little-known, often overlooked but powerful frameworks, methodologies and techniques to understand the intentions, motivations and behaviour of your internal team, suppliers, partners and customers. We understand the limits of what people are able to articulate and therefore seek to understand them beyond their utterances, choosing their actions as a more accurate and comprehensive communication about themselves.

Our approach tames the counterintuitive nature of human decision making and structures its underlying drivers to make the finding useful to business endeavours.

We then act in accordance with this deeper understanding of the people involved in any business endeavour making our proposed solutions more relevant, resonant and better suited to the context in which they will be deployed.

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