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Our commercial world is now so one-dimensional that it robs executives of the power and know how to quickly and effectively overcome complexity.

Our collective business make-up has been blinded to the fact that the concrete is formed from the abstract, that what is visible is dictated by the invisible and that everything tangible starts off intangible.

At The OMG, we use our decades of experience to marshal the insights, frameworks and methodologies from the humanities and social sciences into a powerful success toolkit for business we call Uncommon Sense and make it available to you so that you can overcome your toughest challenges and unlock your biggest opportunities.

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“Psychological insight is at least as valuable as technological advancement.” - Rory Sutherland ​

Use our Uncommon Sense to unleash the latent potential of business; latency caused by its bias towards the hard and tangible sciences.


“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t you’re right.” - Henry Ford

​ In us you have a partner that has unwavering faith in possibility and believes that in partnership, we have all that we need to get to your intended outcomes. Let's partner on a project.


“Practical people know how to get what they want. Philosophical people know what they ought to want. Ideal people know how to get what they ought to want.”

Let our unique approach to execution work for you.


“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.” - Hellen Keller

​ We are not oblivious to the power of the challenges we face, we are just more aware of the millenia-honoured ability for human beings to surmount even the largest challenges. Let our faith and optimism unleash your potential.


"Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question.” - EE Cummings

Our uncommon approach coupled with our uncommon questions allow us to craft solutions that achieve uncommon results. Share you biggest questions with us.


“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.” - William Bruce Cameron

By focussing on the power of the intangibles, we are able to deliver more effective solutions that are far lighter in capital than solutions based solely on the tangibles. Ask us how we can help you.

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Experience With me


"We engaged MQ and OMG to provide insight into a significant challenge in the business off the back of his passionate position on prioritising the understanding of the real human dynamic behind data. He had impressed us with his Keynote address entitled Big Data, Thick Data and the Little Black Dress. Often the delivery does not meet up to the promise. This is not the case with MQ. We have been very impressed with the deep insights he has delivered and value he has brought to the business. I suspect the direction we are now taking will have a significant impact on the business. MQ has been a pleasure to work with. He brings a fresh approach to understanding the social dynamic that makes or breaks a strategy. I have no doubt MQ is able to add exceptional value to any business putting an understanding of their customer first. I would highly recommend Mqondisi and OMG for any strategic work."

Mr Jose Rodrigues
Commercial Executive: Woolworths Financial Services

"This letter is to attest that South African Tourism has engaged the services of The OMG in February and March 2019 to facilitate various divisional business planning sessions. South African Tourism follows a rigorous data-driven approach to business planning where we use strategic facilitators in order to workshop the data, insights and key learnings with the business unit to develop detailed, actionable and measurable annual performance plans. Fiona Buchner led most of these planning workshops in February and March 2019 and she also assisted South African Tourism in previous years with facilitation of business planning and other strategic sessions. Mqondisi Gumede of The OMG also facilitated a session for us. I am fully satisfied with the quality of the services provided and the commitment of The OMG to South African Tourism. I am very pleased to recommend The OMG for similar engagements. "

Ms Bashni Muthaya
Chief Strategy Officer: South African tourism
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